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Employee Issues

Sharing stories; learning from others

The following challenges and questions have been brought to the EFB over a number of years. Here we explore good practice, outline how an employer might or did respond and provide our perspective on the best way to deal with the issue.

There is no definitive answer to any of the following queries.

Organisations will differ on what is the right response for them. Some employers may opt to take a pragmatic approach to religion, belief and non-belief issues and will still be acting lawfully and fairly towards their employees. Others may opt to go over and above what is required in order to differentiate their employer proposition by actively encouraging employees to pursue their own religion, belief or non-belief. Both approaches are consistent with good practice on this agenda and the legal requirement not to discriminate on grounds of religion or belief.

If you have a story or question you want to share, tell us about it and how you dealt with it click here.

Want to comment on any of our suggestions? What do you think the employer should do/have done?

Please submit your answers to us and we will include any comments/suggestions that other employers might find useful. Contact us.

We cannot guarantee to answer all queries.

Celebrating Religious Festivals
Conflict with other Equality Issues
Communication Campaigns
Customer Preference
Email Signatures
Employee Mobility
Food and Drink
Mourning Period for Sikhs
Prayer/Quiet Rooms
Photographic ID Cards

Religious Education/Training at work
Rewards and Benefits
Selling Products and Services
Trip to Mecca