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Photographic ID Cards

A Muslim female employee has objected to being required to display a photo ID card in line with our policy. She normally concealed her face with a burqa/hijab or similar garment at work, and whilst she was prepared to permit her ID photo to be taken with her face uncovered, she requested not to be required to display the card visibly.

EFB Comment:

Allowing for an accommodation of the request to maintain privacy is good practice, although it is not clearly established that such modesty is required by the Quran.

The following steps might be built into your revised policy:

  • When obtaining an id card the photograph can be taken by a female member of staff.
  • To not make it compulsory to display the id card at all times and not expecting staff to show anyone the photograph or to confirm their identity by revealing their face.
  • Advise staff to carry with them a further form of identification that carries their signature to be used as an alternative means of confirming their identity.
  • Tell staff that any requests to confirm identity by the security would be dealt with sensitively and only be for good reason, e.g, an intruder alarm going off in the building.
  • If security needed to confirm their identity, they can ask for a female member of the security to do this and go into a private room to remove their veil.