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Selling Products or Services

What do we do if Hindu staff refuse to touch cow skin products, and demand to be given the same consideration provided to other groups who are sensitive about certain products and services?

What the employer did:
In this case the employer talked to employees and their families about how they could overcome the problem. They agreed the item would be packaged in plastic, so employees didn't have to touch or smell it. The company also allocated specific members of staff to handle the product. The same consideration should be afforded to other employees in a similar position.


What do we do if employees refuse to undergo training needed for them to sell our credit card to customers? The employees in question said that they couldn't sell the card as it conflicted with their beliefs around debt and credit, so there was no point doing the training.

What the employer did:
The organisation met employees and agreed that all staff should do the training and have basic information about the credit card. Where employees felt unable to sell the card directly they were asked to give customers a leaflet, and direct them to someone who could help.